Visit Grasmere!

After returning from a fantastic residential trip to Grasmere, Year 5 wanted to convince others to visit by making their own persuasive letters!

After writing these yesterday, the children used the apps ‘Adobe Voice’ and ‘Adobe Slate,’ to turn their writing into digital presentations!

Here are their efforts -

 Visit Grasmere!

 Visit Grasmere!

 Visit Grasmere!


Please take a moment to watch and comment on their work! It would be greatly appreciated!

Value of the Month – Tolerance

Year 5 are busy preparing for their fantastic Easter play. Some children worked today looking at this month’s value – Tolerance. We have been discussing what it is, how we all have differences but are also the same in some ways. We need to respect and appreciate everyone despite differences as we are all the same on the inside.

This is what we created to demonstrate this month’s value -

Talent show 2014!

2014 12 17 15.07.55 300x300 Talent show 2014!

The staff and children enjoyed an amazing Christmas dinner thanks to the wonderful kitchen staff today!

This was followed by the annual Talent Show, which once again proved that our children are not only gifted in the classroom but also on the stage, with dancers, singers, musicians, magicians and poets all displaying some incredible talent!

After rumours circulating about whether the children would be treated to a performance showcasing the teacher’s talents, they were ‘treated’ to this ‘questionable’ performance from Mr Parkinson -


Should Minecraft be used in Schools?

Today Mr Parkinson’s group created radio programmes discussing the topic – Should Minecraft be used in Schools?

After writing their text, they used a range of apps to create their finished radio shows. Please listen to their efforts -


Kensuke’s Kingdom

wpid easyblog 156456A5 836E 4A2A 841F C0770E228B51 Kensukes Kingdom
Year 5 are currently enjoying our topic Kensuke’s Kingdom! Here is a selection of our work as displayed in our classroom. We have written some book reviews too and these will follow soon! All of us agree that we would recommend this fabulous to others!