Save Yupi and Arturo!

Today, Mr Parkinson’s Year 5 group were learning all about Polar Bears. During the research we discovered stories about two polar bears – Yupi and Arturo. Both these polar bears live in South America where the weather and other conditions are harmful to them.

Once we had researched different websites, including, we did some shared writing using as many Alan Peat and Mat Sullivan’s Exciting Sentences as possible.

Using our writing, we created a video to share our ideas with as many people as possible. We used the app Doink Greenscreen and also chose music and images to creative an emotive atmosphere.

We will be writing a lot over the next few weeks about this topic so please come back and comment on our work!

100 WC by Abbie 5A

Sometimes I wonder why I was stupid enough to climb to the top of a tree just to get a ball. I must have been in this coma for about a month now. My parents were distraught but my brother was traumatised through coming to the hospital every day . I could tell all this because I could still hear everything, even though I could not move. I could also smell the chocolate my brother teased me with. It’s both distressing and terrifying being unable to see their faces. The weeks passed by  slowly and suddenly I could see again. My Family were overjoyed and I was soooo relieved.


Year 5 have been focusing on partner work in our dance lessons. They have been creating a motif together and thinking about different ways that they can greet each other. They have been working hard to stay in time to the music and they have been using clapping, counting and marching to help them with this.

IMG 0085 0 Dance

IMG 0079 1 Dance

IMG 0082 Dance

IMG 0078 Dance

IMG 0090 0 Dance

IMG 0093 0 Dance

IMG 0092 0 Dance

IMG 0097 0 Dance

hundred word challenge.

See the miracle of life.

See the miracle of life, babies being born, children growing, parents telling, old people knowing.

See the miracle of nature, seeds springing, trees growing, fruit ripening, streams turning into rivers.

See the miracle of  wildlife, bears snarling, wolves howling, tigers growling, kittens turning into cats.

See the miracle of the elements, rain knocking on your door, the sun glaring down at you, clouds surrounding you.

See the miracle of you and me, living together in perfect harmony.

See the miracle of life.







100 Wc

Suddenly the loud clicking of the propellers stopped and my helicopter skidded to a holt.I realised I had crash lander in an amazing place…a stunning,majestic rainforest surrounded me.The vivid,emerald green trees towered above me and fiery orange and scarlet flowers covered the ground .I was stunned by the dazzling beauty but frightened by what could be lurking in this impressive
jungle.I could hear noises all around,to my left across the shallow,glimmering river I noticed a small wooden hut,would someone be there to help?

Trafford VS Stourbridge

On Saturday afternoon my Dad & I went to see Trafford FC VS Stourbridge in the Evo stik premier league. It was cloudy but warm. The first  goal was in the 22nd minute. Then Stourbridge equalised. Then it was half time. About a minute after the ref blew his whistle to start the second half, Stourbridge scored to go 2-1 up but I wasn’t looking so I can’t tell you if it was a header or a shot!!  A minute after, Trafford equalised when number 9 dribbled up the pitch through the defenders past the goalie and scored, it was a very good goal. There were a few arguments with the ref and I found it funny. Overall it was an exciting match with good goals and the best part was Trafford didn’t lose and I got a free hotdog !!





what happened in the holidays

in the holidays I got some news that we were moving house we spent ages viewing it was really boring but just about a week away for school we moved house and when I saw it I thought it was massive. and then even before we moved house my mum had a baby boy called Cree and my mums friend said to me that some of the most stressful things in life is moving house and having a baby  and we did them both in 6 weeks.