Calling All Parents!!!

As a way of looking forward in our use of the school blog and social media pages (facebook and twitter,) we are looking for parents to complete a quick survey below.

We have now been using blogging as a tool to share and showcase children’s work for two years. We have also linked the blogs to our school twitter account and facebook page to try and engage a worldwide audience but also inform parents about what is happening in their child’s classroom. We would really appreciate if you could take a minute to let us know how you feel about our school’s use of social media.


The Raging Storm

In the distance menacing clouds appeared with no warning. Boats were being hauled towards the shore. People gathered their belongings while the lifeguard called to move out of the area. The gloomy clouds were getting closer and closer. Waves got bigger and bigger and the sea turned into a dark blue which was once an emerald colour. As if he sight of the dark, cold water was not enough, the sea shore was now covered in a vast black blanket of mist.

The terrors came fast, one upon another. Rain poured from the heavens above. Thunder rumbled and lightning crashed. The whistling of the wind sent the animals to their hiding places.Still the rain poured. Howling and crashing is all that could be heard and the smell of  seaweed devoured the town. Tumbling breakers crashed into the rocks and left a icy mist as it was dragged back into the sea. A mast of churning foam rose high in a arch high above a boat and threatened to bury in in a watery grave.

Spray from the waves looked like a bleeding mist in the rec light of the setting sun as the clouds blew away. the mess on the shore was all that was left, the sea was back to its emerald colour and the sunset was beautiful as the night fell.

Andromida and the necklas of wishes

A long ago, in Olympus a child was born daughter of Athena  goddess of wisdom she was called Andromeda blessed by hucules she got many gifts one a Pegasus called pinia and the best of all   a necklass   of wishes . 13 years later the necklaces was stolen by the mean and horrid Hercules brother the kind of evil would use it to destroy Olympus and rule the world. She sent her daughter Andromeda to retrieve the magic necklace.

that was the first of my myth there will be more I will do more of this story and others. so watch out.

The story of Wally the Whale

Chapter 9

 After that night, we carried on our journey when something amazing drifted into our cave!Was it a bird?Was it a plane?It was an iceberg!I called my friends to help me tip it, and obviously they did.Oh it was so much fun!It kept away those pesky angler fish because they aren’t used to climate change.We set off again.

We saw amazing sights, for instance, a dolphin hunting, a squid squirting out ink and a tiger shark.An Apache helicopter was flying above us, going to Syria.Ages ago we were children in threat by Sea-World, Orlando, but now we’re free to roam north to south!300 miles cleared that day!We found fish that were EDIBLE (mmmmmmmmmm, yummy fish)and we had got to Antartica!There were humans there, but these ones cuddled us and gave us treats without us doing tricks!This was the life…

The end

The Story of Wally the Whale

Chapter 8

We left the cave, still on our quest for the epic food.Happily we set off on our five-hundred mile journey.With my calculations we would get there in five days, or if we were lucky, four.”Seven thousand orcas escaped, seven thousand orcas.Capture one, don’t feed it, six-thousand nine-hundred and ninety-nine orcas escaped…”we sang.”Five days to go, five days to go, now four and twenty-three hours to go!”we continued.

We found a cave to sleep in for the night after our two-hundred mile journey:a large one at that, aswell.If we carry on at this rate we would get to our destination in three more days.We prepared for the busy night ahead with our mosquito-free cave.”Wait, where’s Marcus?”I explained…”Uh oh.I think we left him outside.Marcus!”Marcus rushed into the cave before our very eyes.We tried to get to sleep and we dreamed about lovely icebergs.

eSafety Chat

This week, our school have been focusing on ways to stay safe online. Today Year 5 learned a valuable lesson in speaking to strangers online. Below is a chat stream of Year 5 children talking to what they believed was a 10 year old girl from America called Madison. They were shocked and surprised to realise it was actually a member of staff pretending to be someone else. We discussed how speaking to others online can be dangerous and we need to be careful about what information we share. A really interesting and effective way to show some of the dangers online.

Little red riding hood

One a pone time was a little girl called little red riding hood.Her grammars was felling sick.she was walking thro the woods and looked above the galaxy and she said I wish my GRAMARS wasn’t ill and I sore an aeroplane.she walked thro the woods and steped on twigs.Then Dudley she sore a wolf with crunches teeth.behinde the tree the wolf said “what are you doing in my florist”the wolf said.”I’m I’m going to see my GRAMARS because she’s ill”so the wolf rushed to little red riding hoods house.she ” she said the wolf was TEASING me”she Arvid to her GRAMARS house and grammar said In a wipa. “Come on darling”ow can you pass me my MIlKY bru.theres something different about gramer.that she had DAIRY teeth to bite with.that he nose like a soft.MILLKY WAY.and her toe is like a flakey toe.thats not GRAMARS thats the wolf!!!!so she screamed and the wood man heard so the wood man ran in grammars house and CHOMED the wolf in half.and gramer and the wood man and little red riding hood had a pick nick

Little red riding hood

One day a very HAPPY girl was on her way to her grandmas through the forest there were RED LIGHTS illuminating the TIMBER.Suddenly she heard a large ROAR She thought it was only a DARK HORSE until a wolf jumped out and shouted MY LOVE do you want to STAY THE NIGHT she replied ALL OF ME Wants to.Oh granny what Big eyes you have,yes all the better to see you with,Granny how very wide you are,it’s all the bread I’ve been eating,oh granny how very sharp your teeth are,All the better to eat you with!!!!!!!,what?!?!?!! Suddenly the girl let out a hugeeee cry then the MAGIC woodcutter ran into the wolf and chopped him in half just before the wolf chomped the girl up then suddenly her grandma popped out of the wolf and said hello!

The End