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Fabulous Fridays

Every Friday we come to school in our games/P.E. kit and do different activities like: French, sports, art, singing and music, sign language and many more. Different classes do different classes do different activities.

Maths fractions

In Mr.Reynolds’ maths group we have been looking at fractions. In year 4 I didn’t like fractions but now I understand what they are and how to find out the biggest I absolutely love them!! By Hannah y5

Virtual reality

Today ( Thursday 6th of October ) we went into the year 3 classrooms to use some Virtual Reality goggles. Some one from google experience came in to help us. We visited the Romans, underwater scenes and China.


In literacy we have been writing for and against balanced arguments, they had to be about whether or not travelling around the world is a good idea or not. I decided on against because some people do not come back. I really enjoy literacy it is one of my favourite lesson ever. Thank you literacy!!!!!!!!


In science we learn about materials. During one of our lessons we had to get into pairs and take photos on the school iPads of things that we knew the materials of then we put them on to picollage.