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The story of Wally the Whale

Chapter 9

 After that night, we carried on our journey when something amazing drifted into our cave!Was it a bird?Was it a plane?It was an iceberg!I called my friends to help me tip it, and obviously they did.Oh it was so much fun!It kept away those pesky angler fish because they aren’t used to climate change.We set off again.

We saw amazing sights, for instance, a dolphin hunting, a squid squirting out ink and a tiger shark.An Apache helicopter was flying above us, going to Syria.Ages ago we were children in threat by Sea-World, Orlando, but now we’re free to roam north to south!300 miles cleared that day!We found fish that were EDIBLE (mmmmmmmmmm, yummy fish)and we had got to Antartica!There were humans there, but these ones cuddled us and gave us treats without us doing tricks!This was the life…

The end

The Story of Wally the Whale

Chapter 8

We left the cave, still on our quest for the epic food.Happily we set off on our five-hundred mile journey.With my calculations we would get there in five days, or if we were lucky, four.”Seven thousand orcas escaped, seven thousand orcas.Capture one, don’t feed it, six-thousand nine-hundred and ninety-nine orcas escaped…”we sang.”Five days to go, five days to go, now four and twenty-three hours to go!”we continued.

We found a cave to sleep in for the night after our two-hundred mile journey:a large one at that, aswell.If we carry on at this rate we would get to our destination in three more days.We prepared for the busy night ahead with our mosquito-free cave.”Wait, where’s Marcus?”I explained…”Uh oh.I think we left him outside.Marcus!”Marcus rushed into the cave before our very eyes.We tried to get to sleep and we dreamed about lovely icebergs.

Year 5 Awarded Compassionate Award

peta header logo Year 5 Awarded Compassionate AwardClass 5B were thrilled to receive an award for all their wonderful work based on the film Blackfish. Last week the class were recognised by the charity PETA for all their hard work to campaign for the freedom of captive Killer Whales. All the blogging the class had done to raise awareness for the plight of captive orcas, which can be read here, has had a big impact with people around the world.

2013 11 06 13.30.18 Year 5 Awarded Compassionate Award

Their achievements were then shared on BBC Radio Manchester this week. To listen to the story please watch this video: 

There was also a short report in today’s Manchester Evening News:

Photo 14 11 2013 20 37 00 Year 5 Awarded Compassionate Award


We would like to thank PETA for rewarding the class and to everyone who has supported the children’s effort with this project. It has been a great example of how blogging can really inspire children to write for a real purpose and demonstrated to the class how their learning can make a REAL difference.

If you haven’t yet seen the film, Blackfish, it is airing next week on BBC Four – READ MORE HERE. Please note the children have only watch suitable clips from the film, there are scenes which I wouldn’t deem appropriate for children of a Primary age.

my whale whish

The  only thing i’d want for a whale is it to be swimming in the the deep blue sea! To not ever perform in front of lots and lots of people everyday just for frozen fish to be thown down there throat , to not be bulled by other whales in captivity. All this is not something you would want in your life for your children to be taken away from you but what about whales would it be the same then!!!

killer whales

Some scientists say that male Orcas live to be about 30 years old, and females live to be about 50 years old in the wilds, while others believe that the males live to be about 50 and the females live to be about 90 years old. However, all scientists agree that both male and female Orcas held in captivity don’t live much more than twenty years.

The fact that Orcas do not reach their natural life expectancy in captivity has become a source of many heated debates between those that hold the dolphins captive, and those who want to protect them. Animal activist feel that Orcas are only taken into captivity for entertainment and profit, and not for scientific study. Furthermore, they feel that any scientific study of Orcas would be best done in the killer whale’s natural habitat – not in aquariums. Another concern for Orcas that are born in the wilds, then taken into captivity, is the fact that Orcas live in pods – or families – and their families operate much like our human families do – with strong attachments and emotions. The psychological effect of tearing these majestic creatures away from their family members is a great source of concern.

Before the Internet, when information traveled slowly – if it traveled at all – the general public knew very little of the plight of the Orcas held in captivity. They simply enjoyed the entertainment that these larger than life creatures provided at marine parks, such as Sea World. However, now that information flows freely throughout the world, a greater awareness of the unnatural conditions these Orcas are forced to live in has come to light. Several incidents have been reported over the past several years that make many people question the continued captivity of Orcas. These incidents include accidents, illnesses, failed pregnancies, premature deaths, and even attacks on trainers and other human beings.

Aggression towards Orca’s trainers, and their fellow captives has been increasing rapidly over the past few years. Many feel that this is due to the compromised mental and physical health of Orcas held in unnatural habitats. When compared to Orcas that live free, the Orcas held in captivity have very different behaviors. The size of the tanks, and the lack of anything resembling their natural habitat is blamed for the variations in both health and behavior. Natural movement and speed are decreased, and the tanks have flat, plain blue walls. Many scientists believe this lack of diversity in the tanks leads to limited activities, which also affects the behavior of the Orcas.

thank you for reading Sophia 5B


Orcas were discovered in 1896.They are atcually dolphins, not whales!The first orcas were captured in 1945.Orcas have been in captivity for 68 years.They are fed frozen food and have to perform tricks to be fed.If one orca did the trick wrong all the orcas would get no food.Before I new this I wanted to go to Sea World, Orlando, but now I don’t.Orcas live longer in the wild, with a lifespan of 90 years but orcas in captivity only live up to 60 years.I really want to save the orcas from captivity.

The story of Wally the Whale


Chapter 7

We planned to  swim south to see if there was any nutricious fish.We started our journey with a “Are you ready?Antartica, here we come!” from me.Off we went, at a lovely pace.We were going to be the first orcas to cross the Atlantic Ocean north to south.Friends, one quest, and one sea.After two days we had passed Portugal, but there were no amazing tasting fish.We swam south-east until we got at least fifty miles from the coast.As I am telling this story, I have never forgot that day.When we got that far we swam south again.This was where Sea-world had got all the cod from.All orcas hate cod.We started to rapidly swim away until we finally got to Argintina, where we were going to spend that stormy night…

That night I couldn’t sleep because of all the horrible memories stewing up in my head, almost as if they were coming back to haunt me!I ventured outside the cave to see if there was any danger about.Cautiously, I looked side to side.No danger.I jumped back into the collosal cave and eventually got to sleep.The next day, we found that Jerry was unconcious, so we carried him to the wall and gently dunked him underwater.Nothing.Not even a chuckle.I banged his head against the wall.That sure did it!He woke up up and when we put him in the water he staggered backwards into the wall.

Killer Whales

Killer Whales have a life.

 Stop buying tickets for sea world, stop cheering the whales on when you know that it is not right

They hurt each other and bully each other so that they can be the dominant one would you want to have blood streaming down your body? No? Then why let it happen to killer whales?

The killer whales are only fed if they perform tricks that they are forced to do your they live their life in a bath tub compared to them and the people don’t even bother filling up the water so that they can actually swim some where .

Would you let this happen to humans? Animals are just the same…

Why are killer whales kept in captivity? It must STOP!

Captivity is wrong.

Captured by huge tangling nets the people are up to mischeiF

Agony when being transported by plane wich is terRible

PEople think it OKAY but is NOT

They are trying to come up with a clever plan to escape

Illnesses  of bordeM they end up eating the side of the small pool

Very trying being an Orca why is this happening?

In the pool its like a Rounded bath.

Tommorow has to  chanGe for them.

Yucky smelly dried fish which they absoloutley hAte.

! if its nasty for us to be treated like that how can it be all right for them, FREE MORGAN!

From Sophia 5B.

Whale wishes

If I were a whale I would wish to be up in space, going shopping or maybe even sitting in the garden eating ice cream and getting a tan! If I were a whale I would jump out of the water like a athlete jumping over a bar. I would love to play all day, have loads of fun and most of all be with my family!