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The story of Wally the Whale

Chapter 9

 After that night, we carried on our journey when something amazing drifted into our cave!Was it a bird?Was it a plane?It was an iceberg!I called my friends to help me tip it, and obviously they did.Oh it was so much fun!It kept away those pesky angler fish because they aren’t used to climate change.We set off again.

We saw amazing sights, for instance, a dolphin hunting, a squid squirting out ink and a tiger shark.An Apache helicopter was flying above us, going to Syria.Ages ago we were children in threat by Sea-World, Orlando, but now we’re free to roam north to south!300 miles cleared that day!We found fish that were EDIBLE (mmmmmmmmmm, yummy fish)and we had got to Antartica!There were humans there, but these ones cuddled us and gave us treats without us doing tricks!This was the life…

The end

The Story of Wally the Whale

Chapter 8

We left the cave, still on our quest for the epic food.Happily we set off on our five-hundred mile journey.With my calculations we would get there in five days, or if we were lucky, four.”Seven thousand orcas escaped, seven thousand orcas.Capture one, don’t feed it, six-thousand nine-hundred and ninety-nine orcas escaped…”we sang.”Five days to go, five days to go, now four and twenty-three hours to go!”we continued.

We found a cave to sleep in for the night after our two-hundred mile journey:a large one at that, aswell.If we carry on at this rate we would get to our destination in three more days.We prepared for the busy night ahead with our mosquito-free cave.”Wait, where’s Marcus?”I explained…”Uh oh.I think we left him outside.Marcus!”Marcus rushed into the cave before our very eyes.We tried to get to sleep and we dreamed about lovely icebergs.