The story of Wally the Whale

This story is based on a clip from the film blackfish -


Chapter 1

My first memories were happy ones , tipping icebergs , holding my breath for as long as I could , until one day I heard a noise so ear-piercing it almost blew my face off. We glimpsed from side to side and spied a gigantic speedboat with a red paint coating on the sides. We rushed to a range of coves as fast as we could , but the boats followed until we got near a fork. The males sounded the call to split up and go different routes. My mum told me to hold my breath for as long as I could. Under I went , as I held my breath. My mum told me to keep going and there might be more chances of survival. I pushed myself to the limit , until the coast was clear. We submerged and found ourselves speeding through narrow spaces between rocky cliffs. As we got to a clearing we heard a peculiar sound. After that sound we heard the roaring of the boats coming for us. Bangs filled the water. I got a glimpse of a boat , but these ones had a blue side coating. I spied hundreds , maybe even thousands more. The booms were the the sounds of bombs. Men armed with harpoons dived into the water. It was a dead end. I knew we couldn’t escape now.It was the end. Game over. Nets surrounded me.The men with harpoons shot my friends. The harpoons were specialised. I knew this because nets shot out of them. The nets wrapped around my friends. A man with a red suit aimed his harpoon at me. I knew it was now really game over. The net wrapped around me as my mum screamed for the males , which had already been captured. As the net was getting fixed to the boat my mum chewed at the netting to try and get me out. She accidentally punctured all four floats , which made survival 20% possible. All of my friends , Terry , Julie , Maaz and Jerry were trapped with me , making me so squished I felt like I was about to burst in a volcano.

The next thing I new I was in a small tank with my friends and four strangers. The tank was the size of a tennis court , about 500m in perimiter.


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  1. readanddogood

    Wally The Whale captures the anxiety and stress that orcas endured when they were originally kidnapped in Puget Sound. The story also conveys the difficulty and horrendous survival pressure cetaceans are under when in captivity. This writer knows how to dramatize information and educate. Two fins up!

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