year 5 maths

in year 5 in maths we have been revising column addition and column subtraction. We have also been revising mental addition and subtraction 2 to 3 digit numbers we have learnt how to partition bigger numbers to make it easier to work out.



School Council

Every year each class has to elect 2 school councilers one boy and one girl. So then they go to meetings every week and discuss how to make the school a better place. I am on the school council committee and so far we have had some good ideas, remember if you go to our school please talk to your class school councilers about any ideas.


In spanish we have been learning how to say different questions and food in Spanish. I have enjoyed using the flash cards and making the books.  

Good work assembly

Every week on a Thursday we have a Good Work Assembly, we give out awards and announcements. So far this year I have won the Maths award.

The Rooftoppers

This term year five are reading a book called The Rooftoppers!It is about a little girl called Sophie and a tall large man called Charles finds her in a cello case and rases her as his own. The story is set in Edwardian Times so Charles gave up work. Sophie is eight and has shorts because she loves climbing and it is hard to climb with a skirt and wears a boys shirt. Sophie thinks her mum is alive and wants to find her…

That’s all we have read.

Wellie Day

Today we were allowed to wear our wellington boots to school but you had to bring in at least a pound. Over the whole school we raised £350 altogether and that money will go to poor farmers in Africa.

By Hannah y5

Fabulous Fridays

Every Friday we come to school in our games/P.E. kit and do different activities like: French, sports, art, singing and music, sign language and many more. Different classes do different classes do different activities.