The start of our Whale Project

It is our mission this year in Year 5 to blog as much as we can to build an audience for all our wonderful work. We know that having this audience will make us produce the best work possible!

Our topic this term is Kensuke’s Kingdom, the book by Michael Morpurgo. In our lessons with Mr Parkinson we are going to link this with by producing some work related to an issue our class feels very passionate about.

Mr Parkinson told us about a film he watched over the summer called, Blackfish. This documentary explored the effects captivity have on killer whales. After Mr Parkinson told us a little about the film, we wanted to research some of the effects ourselves and were astonished to see how unfair and unnatural it is to keep these very intelligent animals in captivity. Mr Parkinson made it clear that the film wasn’t appropriate to watch however did show us a suitable clip that demonstrated some of the effects captivity has on Orca.

We wanted to start this topic with a bang and raise as much awareness as possible so we decided to make a class advert for this issue. We discussed features we could include to make our advert as effective and really grab people’s attention. We used camera effects and emotive music to set the mood. We used rhetorical questions to make the viewer think and persuade them to agree with our viewpoint.

If you agree with the message in our video, please help us raise awareness by sharing our video with as many people as possible. This will hopefully provide our blog with an audience to showcase the writing we will be producing over the next few weeks. We would also love it if you can comment on our video to let us know what you think. Some of the children have already been writing about this issue and you can read them here.

16 thoughts on “The start of our Whale Project

  1. mermaidlaughing

    THANK YOU! I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I saw your video on the Blackfish Facebook page and have now shared on my page.
    Its so good for my heart to know that your generation cares about this subject. Maybe one day soon all the captive whales will be set free because of people like you. Keep up the great work!

  2. dolphinlover

    Thank you, Year 5 students. It gives me hope our young people are being taught the important things in our world. Congratulations, Mr. Parkinson. I took my nephew to see Blackfish, he was shocked and horrified to see what is happening to orca and dolphin in today’s modern world. Thank you for spreading the word and may we all make a difference.

    1. alimac

      Well done year 5! Your video is wonderful! You have all done an amazing job helping to teach adults why whales should be freed. Wishing you every success in your future work on this project. Your message is being spread far and wide.

  3. greg911

    Hi Class 5,

    I am truly encouraged that more and more people of your generation are aware of this issue. I urge you to continue to foster an empathetic outlook, and I hope that as our future leaders you will go on to change the world we live in for the better. Every small step is a vital one.

    I am an active member of project aware, and we speak out and act on behalf of our oceans, and in particular my favorite animal the shark. I hope that some of you will consider joining similar causes, because its up to us to shout loudly on behalf of all the creatures of the world who have the same rights as you and I.

    From all the scuba divers of the world, I salute you!!

  4. sam10k

    Hello Mr. Parkinson’s class!
    I am one of the cast members from “Blackfish” – my name is Samantha Berg. I wanted to thank you for your work in creating an inspring video that will touch many people’s hearts and minds. I have shared it on my Facebook page and Twitter account and will also share it on Tumblr and Google+. I love that your message is simple yet profound and important. I believe that how we treat animals in our society directly corresponds to how we treat our fellow humans. Your video brings this message home in a very powerful way. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to speaking to your class via Skype. In the meantime, we have tons of information our Google site. Feel free to check it out and ask questions:

    You can email me at or tweet to me at @Sam10k

    Thanks again for this awesome video!

  5. msjackie

    I am so impressed by your passion! Thank you for taking an interest in a cause so dear to me. If only all children could be so lucky to have such an insightful teacher. Thank you all!!

  6. ceejay

    I wanted to write and say congratulations to Year 5 and your incredible teacher Mr Parkinson, not to mention your head teacher for saying yes!

    This video has made it to the other side of the world! I live in Sydney, Australia! We see dolphins & whales regularly here in the best place possible their home the ocean!

    I think what you have done is incredible I will be sharing it with all my friends here in Australia & look forward to watching your project grow.

    I’m sure if they could the dolphins & whales would say thank you :)

  7. lmoss

    Hello year 5,
    As someone studying Marine Biology I fully understand how harmful captivity for whales and dolphins can be and I’d like to thank you for your really inspiring video! I’ve passed it on to my friends, and I’m sure you will make a lot of people realise just had bad captivity is.

    Best of luck to you all, you’re making a huge difference for whales!

    (You’re very luck to have such a caring teacher.)

  8. gherd

    Hello ! Thank you for taking an interest in this very important topic. This is something I have been interested in for a long time so I am pleased to see that a school class is discussing it. I am thrilled with your blog and I enjoyed reading it. I am also sharing it amongst my friends online who are also interested in this issue. Keep up the good work and research ! I will keep checking your blog ! Gareth Herd.

  9. stolendolphins

    Dear Mr Parkinson and Year 5,
    Wow…what a great job you have done in making such an informed and emotional video about the lives of the captive orcas!

    Congratulations to you all…..your video has probably gone viral by the time you read this, and so it should!

    Well done everyone, if you are the voices of the future, then the future is looking pretty good.

  10. readanddogood

    Your video is well researched and well executed. It educates and inspires at the same time. That is quite an accomplishment. I am sharing this throughout social media and am very grateful for the hard work you have put into this project to raise awareness on the troubling issue of captivity. You might be interested in the work being done by this organization:

  11. jgarnett

    I am very impressed by your video. Please keep up the good work. I will be forwarding it to all my friends!

  12. kimberlyventre

    Dear Mr. Parkinson’s Class–I really love your class advert. You definitely grabbed my attention and I think you will persuade a lot of people to understand captivity is wrong. Thank you for your powerful message. I am going to share this with the director of the movie Blackfish. Good luck with your on-going class projects.

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